Automated bots are the best tools to help you efficiently manage your customer engagement on the business page. They will not only increase the traffic on your website but can also boost your sales.
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Why use chatbots in your business?

Chatbots are available 24/7

The first benefit of chatbots is that they can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, if ever a Chabot struggles to understand some users’ inputs and gets stuck trying to answer their queries or solve problems, it can escalate tough requests to your human support team.

Chatbot collected data help you engage with customers

A chatbot can help you in gaining your customer intent. Want to know how?
Chatbot collects the necessary information from the customers like their name, purpose of visiting the bot, and similar others. That information can help the CX team understand the user’s issue or intent and get ready with the probable solution for it.


Website Development
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API integration

Conversation steps

Conversation script

Flow design

Messaging platforms



10 Conversation steps

1 messaging platforms



20-30 Conversation steps

2-5 messaging platforms


Price on request

On request

On request


Benefits of creating a chatbot

If you are thinking about creating a chatbot but have doubts, check out the benefits of live chatbots and their positive impact on business.


Although the development of a chatbot may require spending some resources, its implementation into the business processes will save you money and time. Chatbots can perform the amount of work that an average support team does. Instead of ten customer assistants, dealing with recruiting, and allocating resources, you can create a chatbot and process even more user requests faster and easier.

Customer engagement

One of the most significant benefits of chatbots — is their ability to enhance interactions with users. Chatbots can process hundreds of queries from different clients simultaneously without slowing down the performance. They keep customers satisfied and increase retention.

Personalized communication

Chatbots make sure every user gets a service. Customers will get personalized responses and one-on-one interaction with the bot assistant. Even if it’s a request found in the FAQ section, a user can get it more conveniently, enhancing his satisfaction.

Lead generation

You can use the information about customers collected by the bot during communication to generate leads. For example, you can build more personalized sales funnels and attract more leads.
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Choose the platform for chatbot building

In this step, you need to define the technology stack. As we mentioned earlier, you can use several tools to create chatbots.
One of them is ready-to-use chatbot builders allowing to create chatbots with no code. Those bot builders and chatbot platforms are similar to constructors. You can easily use it and build a bot in no time. Check the popular builders: ManyChat, Chatfuel, Tidio, JivoChat & etc…